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Product Safety Warnings

Not meaning to insult anyone’s intelligence,  but these machines are made of steel and the people who operate them are made of flesh.   Flesh is no match for steel:

…..do not operate the machine with someone else in the zone of the machine’s moving parts.   

…..make sure that any weights loaded on the machine’s weight bar fully engage the weight bar.

…..make sure that the racking mechanism on the machine being used is properly engaged         when leaving or entering the operating position

(which is accomplished by fully actuating its hand bar/foot treadle and lowering the weight bar until it engages the weight arm hook).

…..make sure that the balls of the feet engage the break in the pressing plate on all compound           leg movements
(this is the most efficient place to develop the targeted musculature anyway).

It is assumed by the manufacturer that anyone purchasing one of these machine is,  in turn, purchasing it for its intended function,  and understands generally how it is to be used.

It is assumed by the manufacturer that anyone operating one of these machines understands both its general function and how to use it safely,  and will practice the same when in use.Type your paragraph here.