Symmetrical-about-centerline machine designs

          - yielding even load distribution on bearings and machine members resulting

            in minimum wear and maximum durability

Extremely heavy-duty frame construction (4.0" to 4.5" diameter heavy walled steel 
pipe frames) configured in three point stances     

          - extremely stable, will not rock

Extremely heavy-duty moving parts

          - varying members consisting of .25” formed steel plate or .5” thick bar stock,

            or 1.25” solid round handlebars - all very high load bearing - see “Lamb    

            Bodybuilding Machines"

Maximum ranges of muscle-building motion on the exercise strokes

          - resulting in maximum muscle stimulation - and therefore growth

Four-Bar-Linkage force-varying mechanisms

          - capable of much higher load transmission than cams with cables or chains,

            and inherently retaining the design range of motion and force output that

            they were designed with,  unlike machines with cables

Kinematically designed Four-Bar-Linkages which apply proper non-inertial force outputs

          - which simple lever-type machines simply aren’t capable of

Rugged free-limb actuated racking-mechanisms on all machines.

          - for easy mid-movement access to all machines

Infinite starting position adjustability on all machines. 

          - for whatever pre-stretch or depth of range an operator prefers

Simple, rugged, and minimized (no unnecessary adjustments) body-position adjusting mechanisms in all places necessary.

          - yielding the user friendly simplicity of use and extreme durability that makes

            our machines last

Encased “roller-bearing” articulations on all machine load transmitting axes.  

          - extremely low friction and capable of much higher radial loads than the

            typical pillow block” ball bearings used by other manufacturers

Body machine contact pads of 2.6” thick closed cell foam resulting in very high body-machine contact load distribution

          - for maximum comfort at the body-machine contact surfaces

Handgrips of 1.70” OD siliconized rubber for very high load distribution at the hand-to-machine contact surfaces

          - color matched to machine’s upholstery