C-5000 Pectoral Fly(New)                

        Price  $3600 
        L = 60.4”
        W = 44”
        H = 68.3”
        Wt = 470lb

A new machine developed by Henry Maag.   A plate-loaded pectoral fly machine for those who don’t want to be limited to a 300lb weight stack with constant resistance.   The machine features large comfortable upper arm engaging pads which comfortably distribute the variably-resistive load directly to the upper arms (instead of the hand engaging type fly machines which involve transmitting the load through the much weaker elbow joints).   Adjustable for different operator heights, and, featuring a mid-movement,  foot-actuated racking mechanism for easy access to the machine.

B-5000 Pullunder (Lamb B-5000RB)                  

            Price $2900 
            L = 59.4”
            W = 41”
            H = 56.9”
            Wt = 363lb

This machine traces  a path rearward under the plane of the operator’s shoulder joints resulting in stimulating and developing the back muscles differently than all other back machines.   Machine is variable-resistance,  fully adjustable for different sized operators,  and features a foot-actuated racking mechanism for easy access to the machine.

C-3000 “Cross Axes” Incline Press              

        Price $3100   
        L = 75.2”
        W = 41”
        H = 40.3”
        Wt = 405lb        

Incline version of the Cross Axes Chest Press with all of the same features.   The machine features a shallow 23° incline which has been investigated and tested to far better isolate the upper pectoral muscles than the 30-45° versions which are common to most gyms.

S-1000 “Cross Axes” Shoulder Press                  

    Price $2700  
    L = 52.9”
    W = 38.5” (47”)
    H = 51.2”
    Wt = 350lb    

First conceptualized and prototyped by Henry Maag back in the late 80’s,  this is the ‘cross axes’ machine which started it all.   Using its “cross axes” technology,  you be the judge of how this shoulder press compares with any other shoulder press on the muscle-building machine market.  Features an extended range of motion,  cross-axes technology,  operator height adjustment,  depth adjustment,  and foot-actuated racking mechanism.

L-5000 Glute Press(Lamb L-4000RB)        

    Price $3100
    L = 78.6”
    W = 44” (72” WB)
    H = 47.5”
    Wt = 440lb

Modeled after the Lamb ‘classic’,  this machine features the same robust construction and design ‘hardpoints’ as the Lamb ‘classic’.   This machine’s foot plate moves through a rearwardly extending arc (opposite the seated leg press),  resulting in a greater focus on gluteal development (while still heavily working the quads).   It complements the other Cross Axes Tech compound-    movement lower-body developing machines,  providing a variation in lower-body development not offered by the other three machines.   Just like the other three compound-movement variable-resistance leg developing machines in our line,  it features a hand-actuated mid-movement racking mechanism and infinitely adjustable depth stop.

C-4000 Pullover(Lamb C-2000RB)        
Price $2900 
    L = 58.5”
    W = 41”
    H = 52.1”
    Wt = 365lb
First developed by Lamb Bodybuilding Machines,  this pullover machine provides for the performance of pullovers through the more traditional path of a barbell pullover on a bench without the stress of the bar trying to land on your chest or neck.   Beside being fully adjustable for different height operators,  the machine also includes both a foot-actuated racking mechanism for easy access and an adjustable operator thigh holddown
bar which comfortably holds an operator in the operating position for those who pull enough weight to be pulled out of the machine.

Leg Department

Meet Our Machines  (Sales FOrce)

L-1000 Squat Machine   (Lamb L-1000RB)    

    Price $3400
    L = 65.7”
    W = 44” (50” WB)
    H = 57.7”
    Wt = 470lb

The mother of all compound leg movements,  an excellent overall bodybuilding machine for those who can handle the exercise.   Varies the applied resistive force to combine quarter squat weight at quarter squat depth, half squat weight at half squat depth,  and full squat weight at f
ull squat depth into one relentless load on the quadriceps muscles in each repetition,  all in the safety of a machine that can be walked away from at any point.   The machine is infinitely adjustable for different height operators and different squat depths,  and,  like all of Cross Axes Tech’s leg machines,  features a mid-movement hand-actuated racking mechanism for easy entry and exit from the machine.

C-1000 Vertical Chest Press(Lamb C-1000RB)           Price $2900 
        L = 63.1”
        W = 41”
        H = 54.4”
        Wt = 400lb

The classic Lamb Bodybuilding Machines C-1000 Vertical Chest Press with vertical grips added to the handlebars.   “Go for maximum weights in the confidence that you can always simply walk away if you fail.”  The machine features adjustable seat for different sized operators, a foot-actuated mid-movement racking mechanism, infinitely adjustable depth stop for different ranges of motion,  and the extremely heavy-duty construction consistent with anything built by either Lamb Bodybuilding Machines or Cross Axes Tech

Arm Department

A-1000 Arm Curl Machine(Lamb A-1000RB)      

            Price $2100
            L = 51.6”
            W = 38.5”
            H = 41.9”
            Wt = 256lb

Like the Lamb original,  this arm curl machine,  unlike the majority of arm curl machines on the market,  applies a force-couple to the operator’s forearms;  resulting in complete isolation of the operator’s biceps muscles.   The machine features a racking mechanism and both seat height and handlebar adjustments for different height operators.

L-7000 Leg Extension(Lamb L-5000RB)                

        Price $2700
        L = 63.5”
        W = 38.5”
        H = 46.8”
        Wt = 300lb

“Greatest range of motion of any leg extension machine ever built” (equivalent to the Lamb L-5000 for those familiar with it).   This machine’s four-bar linkage applies a much flatter variable-force profile than any simple single arm leg extension machine,  much like that that can only be obtained on much less durable cam and cable type leg extension machines.   Machine’s ‘effort arm’ is journaled between the knees (instead of offset to the side) for much higher durability and to avoid the almost inevitable ‘effort-arm twist’ associated with most offset arm versions.   The hand-actuated racking mechanism allows easy access to a machine that would be hard to access otherwise because of so great a range of motion.”

competitors’ independent effort arms which allow the body to skew its symmetry in order to accommodate differences in strength side to side.  

The machine is variable resistance with a carefully thought out and researched force output profile which provides maximum muscle-loading throughout the exercise stroke.  The machine adjusts to different sized operators and has both a foot-actuated racking mechanism for easy access and an infinitely adjustable body-support pad for depth adjustment.”

Cross Axes Tech you can be assured that machine durability is first,  and you will find that our leg extension and leg curl machines are still easily accessed.   The machine’s four-bar linkage applies a variably-resistive force that can otherwise only be obtained by using a far less durable cam and cable (or belt) force-varying mechanism.   The machine also features both a hand-actuated racking mechanism and infinitely adjustable depth stop for those who would like to adjust how much pre-stretch they prefer.

B-3000 Vertical Row

   (modified version of Lamb B-3000RB)        

    Price $2600
    L = 60.7”
    W = 41” (48”)
    H = 47.6”
    Wt = 342lb

The Cross Axes Tech version of a traditional vertical row.   Modeled after the Lamb B-3000,  it features the same robust construction of the Lamb ‘classic’.  Variable resistance getting progressively lighter as the arms are retracted toward the chest in accordance with human body mechanics.   A generous chest constraint pad for body-machine contact load distribution resulting in the constraining stresses applied to the muscle bellies (not how much chest compression you can endure like incline lever rows).  Operator height adjustment and foot-actuated mid-movement racking mechanism round out the package.

Back Department

Chest Department

L-6000 Inverted Leg Press(Lamb prototype)    
 Price $3400
    L = 75.6”
    W = 44” (66” WB)
    H = 47.7”
    Wt = 470lb

Lamb built a single prototype of this machine over 25 years ago,  and it is now available as a production offering.   The inverted leg press is a specialty machine that only certain ‘hardcore gyms’ purchase.

B-6000 Trap Pull (Lamb B-4000RB)            

    Price  $2900 
    L = 59.5”
    W = 41”
    H = 47.5”
    Wt = 352lb

Modeled after the Lamb ‘classic’,  this machine develops the trapezius and rear deltoid muscles through a plane rearward and upward through the shoulder joints.  Like all of our other upper-body developing machines,  it is adjustable for different sized operators,  is variable resistance,  and features a foot-actuated racking mechanism.

L-8000 Lying Leg Curl(Lamb L-6000RB)    
Price $2400
    L = 65.9”
    W = 38.5”
    H = 33.0”
    Wt = 294lb

A four-bar linkage driven leg curl machine with ‘effort arm’ journaled between the operator’s knees.   Anyone who has experienced muscle-building leg extension and leg curl machines over the years knows that machines with their ‘effort arms’ journaled between the operator’s knees are far more durable than their offset-arm counterparts.   It is a trade-off made by manufacturer’s engineering departments,  sacrificing durability for ease of access.   With

C-2000 Horizontal “Cross Axes” Chest Press
Price $2900 
    L = 73.5”
    W = 41”
    H = 41.6
    Wt = 390lb

Using the cross-axes technology developed by Cross Axes Tech,  this machine,  like all of our cross-axes machines,  applies a truly greater range of motion than our competitors’ converging independent effort arms,  and because the arms are mechanically linked to each other they move at the same rates and symmetry on each side of the body which promotes body symmetry unlike our

Shoulder Department

B-2000 “Cross Axes” Pulldown    

    Price $3400
    L = 65.8”
    W = 41”
    H = 52.0”
    Wt = 441lb    

“Cross axes technology in a variable-resistance pulldown machine,  stresses the more ‘lateral’ aspects of the latissimus muscles (for those looking for a ‘v-taper’ - this is your machine).   Adjustable to both different sized operator’s heights and thigh sizes ,  foot-actuated mid-position racking mechanism  -  destined to be a classic”.

B-1000 Pulldown (Lamb B-1000RB)            

        Price $3400  
        L = 76.8”
        W = 44” (52”)
        H = 53.3”
        Wt = 504lb

“The ‘Pumpjack’ is back”.   A “Lamb” classic - the best variable resistance pulldown machine ever built.

Features variable-resistance provided by its robust four-bar linkage,  a foot-actuated racking mechanism for easy operator access,  and an infinitely adjustable thigh holddown bar utilizing a screw-type mechanism which securely holds the operator down (unlike the ‘friction’ pads used by others).

B-4000 “Cross Axes” Vertical Row        

    Price $2900 
    L = 59.9”
    W = 38.5” (42”)
    H = 44.7”
    Wt = 344lb    

Perhaps the most popular of the cross-axes machines.   Using its cross-axes technology,  the machine stresses the more ‘lateral’ aspects of the upper back muscles (contributing to the “V taper’ sought after by many athletes).   Machine is adjustable to different sized operators,  and utilizes a foot-actuated mid-movement racking mechanism for easy access to the machine  -  destined to be a classic.  

L-4000 Seated Leg Press(Lamb L-2000RB)        

    Price $3600
    L = 78.7”
    W = 44” (48” WB)
    H = 54.9”
    Wt = 490lb

For those looking for a quad and glute developing machine which can be performed in a more comfortable and more easily accessible  seated position  than an inclined leg press,  this is your machine.   The machine provides a variable resistance compound leg movement which is both less exhausting than squats and bypasses the spinal compressive forces associated with squats while also being less stressful on the lower back than inclined carriage-type leg presses.   The machine’s seat is adjustable for 3 different operator height ranges,  and features a hand actuated mid-movement racking mechanism for easy access and exit from the machine.