Company Background

​​​About US

As a Christian with the desire to spread the simple truth about what Jesus has done for us at the cross to the muscle-building world;  and given the skill set that He has given me as a muscle-building machine designer;  I set out,  five years ago now,  to design a line of plate-loaded,  upper-body, muscle-building machines which would stand out as unique in the muscle-building field.   Over the course of the last five years these five machines have established themselves as not only unique (from a structural and functional standpoint),  but also superior to other machines at muscle building.   

With the growing popularity of these five machines,  I realized that the rest of the line of machines which I had built back in the 1990's was going to be a hit in the muscle-building world,  so I reintroduced the Lamb Bodybuilding Machines 1000RB Series  machines (which were already highly respected of the people who were aware of them) to the growing product line.

We manufacture (and always have manufactured) plate-loaded muscle-building machines based on the objectives of "rugged simplicity",  ..."clean lines",  ..."symmetrical-about-centerline" machine designs,  ...and "heavy-duty" construction of 4.0" and 4.5" heavy walled pipe,  1/2" plate,  1/4" formed plate,  1/2" bar stock,  and 1 1/4" solid steel bars.   All of our materials are formed in house using heavy-duty industrial fabricating machines (not muffler shop benders like our competitors).   Anyone who owns machines built by either LAMB BODYBUILDING MACHINES or CROSS AXES TECH knows how our machine's construction compares with that of our competitors (and always has).   Our machines remain at the pinnacle of durability and reliability in the plate-loaded muscle-building industry.  

While all companies boast on their own products,  and their supposed innovations year after year, and their new "features" year after year,  we remain true to the rugged simplicity that works and has proven itself over the years.   The structural and mechanical design of our entire line of machines produces smooth frictionless motions with maximum ranges of motion in each particular body movement that each individual machine is designed to perform.   The application of resistive load is carefully thought out and matched to human body mechanics in each particular body movement performed on each individual machine.   In each machine the load is applied through kinematically designed four-bar linkages which are inherently far superior to cams with cables, chains,  or belts for both durability and reliability.   In short,  our machines have yet to be matched for not only long lasting durability and reliability,  but also for muscle-building effectiveness.  

While many manufacturers pursue features that they believe will make their machines more user friendly and adjustable,  in an attempt to outdo their competition;  we remain dedicated to offering only features which are both practical and easy to use,  because we will not compromise machine reliability and durability in a race to see how user friendly or highly adjustable that we can make our machines.   (Sorry,  no 'gas assisted' seat lifters or swiveling/pivoting grip handles here;  you will have to raise the seat yourself,  or simply pull back on the handle through a stable path rather than have it float around as you pull.)   We remain dedicated to providing the basic simple-to-use features which are useful in the pursuit of muscular development on our machines.   Features such as "free-limb actuated racking mechanisms" which make mid-movement access to each machine possible; "infinitely adjustable range limiters" for tailoring the range of motion on each machine to the user's preference;  and "large comfortable body-machine interfaces" (pads and grips) to keep work-out stresses in the targeted muscle-bellies rather than at the body-machine contact points.  

We remain dedicated to the fact that the human body is not changing significantly year to year,  and neither should the machines which are designed to develop its musculature.

Others have words...          ...We have the machines   ...and the technology.

.....The machines:

Our machines are built to the most durable specifications of any line of machines in existence;  our machines' frames are constructed of 4.0" diameter and 4.5" diameter A53 steel pipe,  boasting not only larger cross-sectional areas than our competitors,  but also composed of higher carbon steel than the 'bending friendly' lower carbon steels used by our competitors.   Rather than the 1/8" to 3/8" thick steel plates used on our competitors' machines,  all of our steel plates and bars are 1/4" to 1/2" thick.   The handlebars on our competitors' machines are constructed of steel tubes,  while ours are solid steel (with higher carbon content).   Right across the line,  our machines are built to a higher standard of structural integrity than our competitors' machines.

See if you can find a CROSS AXES TECH machine which is not

functioning like the day that it was built.

.....The technology:

The "cross-axes technology" which Henry Maag pioneered back in the late 1980's (originally introduced on the Lamb Bodybuilding Machines prototype shoulder press machine) is the most effective form of movement that can be attained on upper-body compound body movements for loading the targeted musculature.   The 'converging' and 'diverging' movements of our competitors' machines cannot match either the range of motion or the efficiency of loading of the targeted musculature on our "cross-axes" upper-body machines.   

Even from the time that the four-bar linkage was first introduced to the muscle-building industry as a practical means to vary the resistive force on plate-loaded muscle-building machines by LAMB BODYBUILDING MACHINES back in the 1980's until this present time;  no company has been able to find an engineering mechanism that can match its ability to apply a proper force output in an inherently more durable engineering mechanism.   It has established itself (and remains) far more durable and reliable than cams with cables,  chains,  or kevlar belts;  it retains its designed range of motion without constant adjustments,  and it applies force-output profiles not possible using simple levers (like Hammer Strength and its many knock-offs).