"  The Announcement  "

A Reintroduction

In November of 2016 I introduced five new upper-body compound-movement,  plate-loaded,  muscle-building machines to the fitness industry under the business name “Cross Axes Tech”.   By early 2017,  I placed demo models of those five machines out in the ‘field’ at a couple of local ‘hardcore’ gyms in the southern California area for evaluation of their marketability.   Those that have experienced these machines have been raving about them,  but at the same time,  have asked,  “Where are the lower-body machines,  and the machines for the arms?”

I,  personally,  have known the answer to these questions even from the time that the Cross Axes Tech upper-body machines started getting noticed:  and the answer is;  they were built 25-30 years ago,  and few people noticed and took advantage.

I am a Christian,  and this got me reflecting on the fact that Jesus,  even after what He has done for mankind,  rarely has His name mentioned.   So I am going to take this opportunity to mention His name,  and let people know that whatever skills I have as a machine designer undoubtedly came from Him;  and with this confidence I intend to reintroduce the “Lamb Bodybuilding Machines” product line to the muscle-building world
(and, yes,  I took the name “Lamb” from the sacrificial description given to Jesus).

It has been seventeen years since “Lamb” went out of business…..


                      “   A ‘cross’ once put ‘The LAMB’ to death;   …..it is now time for
                                ‘Cross Axes Tech’ to resurrect ‘Lamb Bodybuilding Machines’   ”.

                                                                                                        -  Henry Maag


The Real Steel

For those longing for the days of “Real Steel”,  when muscle-building machines were built extremely heavy-duty and machine’s frames and moving parts were constructed the likes of Lamb Bodybuilding Machines   …..those days are here again.

With the exception of a few aesthetic changes, 
Cross Axes Tech is now rebuilding the majority of machines in the old Lamb Bodybuilding Machines product line to the original designs and specs of their top-of-the-line 1000RB
(roller bearing)Series.   The construction,  features,  and user-friendly simplicity of the old Lamb line have not been duplicated by any other manufacturer for over 25 years.   Cross Axes Tech is now reintroducing that line,  along with the five cross-axes upper body machines built by Cross Axes Tech,  and a few new machine designs by Henry Maag which have never been seen before.   The entire line will feature machines built to the same rugged simplicity,  clean lines,  symmetrical-about-centerline machine designs,  and heavy duty construction that the original Lamb line was built on.

Our “Target Customer”

For all those who are tired of “bells and whistles”,  and wavy artistic frames,  and unnecessary adjustments,  and for those who believe that “durability” lies in machine simplicity and heavy members,  and that “effectiveness” lies in proper non-inertial force outputs following simple stable paths with maximum ranges of motion,  and that “value” lies in the resulting durability and effectiveness of simple rugged machines whose durability and reliability rivals that of barbells, racks, and stands
(that have no moving parts),  …or for those who have been seeking or trying to purchase the coveted used machines from Lamb Bodybuilding Machines from others that will not sell them…   Cross Axes Tech is here,  and we’re rebuilding the old Lamb product line.