A Word on Value

While you can purchase less expensive machines to fill your facility,  you will not get a better value for your money than our machines.   The simple fact of the matter is that our machines deliver both ‘usefulness’ and ‘durability’ unmatched by other machines.   Our machines have demonstrated themselves over the last few years to become the most popular machines per exercise function in every facility that they find themselves in,  and,  in addition,  they have further demonstrated themselves (with little surprise) to be the most durable machines per exercise function in every place they have been placed.  

We are confident that if you look at ‘value’  on the basis of ‘cost per repetition provided’,  that you will find that the machines which we design and manufacture (by virtue of both their popularity and durability) are the most ‘valuable’  machines that you can own for your facility.   Yes,  you can purchase less expensive machines,  but you cannot purchase a better ‘value’ in the field of plate-loaded muscle-building machines. 

All salesmen give words and adjectives to describe the products that they sell,  but in the end,  there is no greater complement to a muscle-building-machine manufacturer than to have their products (or the concepts behind their products) copied by others.   If you want to know who the true innovators are,  do your homework,  find out when concepts like utilizing a four-bar linkage to vary resistive-force on an exercise machine were first introduced and when such machines first started appearing on the market,  and who first showed up with them at industry trade shows,  and whose name is on the “utility” (not “design”) patents for such machines.  

    Others have words,  we have the machines and technology.   For those who know the state of plate-loaded muscle-building machines and designs which are presently on the market (and has been for 17 years now),  we invite you to investigate the machines which we manufacture and try out the “cross axes technology”  which Henry developed,  and note to yourselves how our machines differ from other manufacturers’ machines and designs.

    We don’t need to boast on our machine designs,  you can watch for yourselves:   …..It is early 2020,   …..our ‘cross-axes’ machines,  which have not been copied yet,  are already establishing themselves in the muscle building market,    …..and the old Lamb designs which  (much to our surprise - perhaps an ‘act of God’) have not been copied for 15 years,  are now being reintroduced to the market:  if our designs and the old Lamb four-bar linkage designs are superior,  other manufacturers will be acknowledging it through copying our designs within a few years;  even though it is highly unlikely that they will ever match our machines for heavy-duty construction and durability.

    We remain confident (actually,  we remain certain) that the ‘cross-axes’ technology is superior to the converging and diverging paths of the effort arms on our competitors’ machines,  and are willing to bet that they will be copying our ‘cross-axes’ technology within a few years;  and while the Lamb designs did not catch on back in the 1990’s,  we remain certain that it was simply a marketing failure at the time and that the actual designs are superior to anything that has been built since then.

    One thing is certain,  and time will bare testament,  and that is that the true innovators products always stand over time (and are inevitably copied).